How Much Is Kapil Sharma Being Paid For His Streaming Debut On Netflix?

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India’s No.1 standup comedian is  not done yet. He  is  now getting ready  for his streaming debut on Netflix with a  show entitled I  Am Not Done Yet to stream on January 28.

Sharma has reportedly been paid a whopping Rs 20-22  crores  for the one-off show.

A source  informs it is  not a switchover or anything. “Kapil is going great guns…or shall I say great grins with  Colors and his Kapil Sharma Show. In fact the popularity of the show is  Colors’ USP and  Kapil has recently re-negotiated  his deal with  Colors .”

However the  source doesn’t rule out  a possible long-term relationship between  Kapil  Sharma and Netflix.

“This one-off  stand-up comedy show on January 28  is  a precursor to the larger deal  with Netflix. Watch   out for the grand announcement,” says  the  source.

While we  wait for the bigger announcement  there is Kapil on the  Netflix special on …

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