Drug Dealers facing Jail after Counting Money Video


Two drug dealers who filmed themselves counting money are now facing prison.

Shakeel Amin and Zain Mushtaq were caught on camera laughing as they discarded £5 notes while counting money in a bedroom.

During the video, Mushtaq is heard asking Amin:

“Shakeel, what do we do with fivers?

“We stash them in the bin.”

The pair were among nine people on trial at Derby Crown Court as part of a drugs conspiracy.

The court heard how police seizing one phone became the catalyst for detectives to launch an investigation into a gang supplying Class A and B drugs across Nottinghamshire.

Officers found messages between the drug dealers on Mushtaq’s phone which implicated them in being involved in the supply of large quantities of drugs.

Analysis of the phone also resulted in the discovery of apparent drugs lists and additional videos showing Mushtaq boasting about designer clothes and jewellery.

Pictures of large wads of cash and cannabis were also recovered.

On May 4, 2019, police began…

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