A Girl Caught In A Trap Of Fake Vicky Kaushal On Facebook

A Girl Caught In A Trap Of Fake Vicky Kaushal On Facebook

Actor Vicky Kaushal is very famous among his female fans. Girls are often seen getting crazy for Vicky Kaushal. Obviously, because of this, his female following on social media is also strong and more as compared to other male actors of Bollywood. But when he suddenly got married to Katrina Kaif, the hearts of those millions and crores of fans were shattered to pieces. But do you know that before marriage, there was a female fan at Vicky’s house? No? So let us tell you the whole story.

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif

Vicky Kaushal had told in one of his interviews, ‘I had parents at home. The doorbell rang. And my mother went to open it. There was a girl at the door. My mother thought that she was a friend of mine, whose arrival I forgot to tell her. But later my parents felt strange when she said that she and I had a conversation on Facebook. And I have invited her to meet me at my home.’

Vicky Kaushal

Vicky further said, ‘I am not on Facebook and my family knew…

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